A Story Must be Built

Our Story

Double R Fencing started in the early 2000’s when two determined high school students shared a true passion for independence and offering a quality product to their community. With the commitment to build quality fence for a great value, the company quickly took off and eventually diverged into the strong development company it is today.  With over 2 decades of experience, Double R now has over $2 million in assets that they own or currently have under development. 

2006: Formed First Company

Robbie Riehs and Ryan Richter from Inez, TX utilized their mutual passion for providing a quality product to form a fence business, Double R Fencing, as equal partners. Since day one, they were committed to building an array of quality fences that gave customers value for their money. After high school graduation in 2009, the partners decided to split ways to pursue their own endeavors, and agreed upon Robbie keeping the fence business.

2010: Rapid Growth

Double R Fencing’s reputation grew and so did the business, which spurred Robbie to change to Double R Fencing, LLC and the momentum quickly unfolded into commercial work for very large and established companies. Needing help, Robbie partnered with his brother, Matt, to help run the growing company. Not shortly after, the company expanded their services further. The two brothers purchased a 3200 sqft lot for their new shop space in Victoria, TX and added manufactured gates and dozing services to the Double R resume.

2014: Adding Real Estate

With vision to grow larger the two brothers turned to real estate. Thus was born JDRR LLC, a real estate investment company that Robbie brought in a close friend to do business with. During their course of business they flipped 135 acres in Edna, obtained several houses from tax sales which were then sold and owner financed, and 60 acres in Inez, TX. They were able to improve each property, using Double R’s resources, and doubled the value of the land, all at a fraction of the normal costs.

2015: Approached Land Development

The success of improving and flipping land for profit birthed an idea so big, the brothers moved swiftly into land development. They dissolved JDRR, and the new business was born, JR ASSETS, LLC. The brothers started with buying homes, remodeling, and selling them for profit. They purchased over 20 vacant lots over time, made the improvements with Double R, marketed, and sold them out right or owner financed the properties. They were creating their own work. Double R thrived like never before.

2018: Developments

After years of flipping homes and small bay lots, the brothers wanted more. With research they realized just how many people yearned for a slice of Texas. Not a small “city sized” lot, but acreage, where they could have cows, ponds, and wide open spaces.  However, the hurdle that kept most from owning their dream place was the vacant land itself. Vacant land comes with many extra costs. Costs that are not typically covered by the bank’s financing structure, but come out of the buyers pockets.

2018: Cripple Creek Ranches

They began to look into bigger tracts of land and heard about 90 acres in Inez, TX. Brush and weesatche covered the front of the property, but over it all you could see the skyline of hardwoods towards the back of the property. They created “ Cripple Creek Ranches”, 90 acres, split into approximately 17 acre tract, with restrictions to help keep the land’s value. With the purchase of a tract, buyers would receive, a perimeter fence, 300’ of driveway, water well, custom entrance, house pad, dozing service, culverts, and pond. It was a bundled package of land and improvements that buyers could take to the bank, cutting down the out of pocket cost substantially. The entire subdivision sold in 18 months for over 2x their purchase price.

2019: Cowboy Oaks Subdivision

 The idea of selling bigger tracts of restricted land proved to pay. However, Robbie and Matt wanted to keep diversity in what they sold. They next piece of property they purchased was an abandoned 8 acres inside the city limits of Edna, TX that people had no interest in because the property was riddled with city easements.  The brothers saw another opportunity. They petitioned the city to abandon the easements and successfully received 3 additional acres for $1.00.  “Cowboy Oaks Subdivision” was created.  They cleared the property, once again “hiring” Double R to do all the work.. They made affordable 1.5+/- acre lots that buyers could move manufactured homes onto. Again improvements were added with the purchase of each lot, 150’ of driveway, a house pad, and perimeter fence.